Intro to User Experience Part 2:

In my last post I covered various examples of how the world might be without good user experience design. After review and consideration of that post, I thought it’d be interesting to discuss and cover an example of what properly applied principles of user experience would look like, and what benefits they would offer to a user or interface.

Google’s Celebration of Hip Hop’s 44th Birthday.

google hiphop 44th Birthday

An example of great user experience was front and center on the home page of last week on August 11th. They commemorated Hip Hop’s 44th birthday by using their platform to tell a fun and positive narrative about the origins of the music and culture. They accomplished this through an easy to use and very interactive interface that catered to the target audiences preferences. The interactivity ultimately took you through the steps needed to choose records from a crate of vinyl classics, place them on one of two turntables, and finally, play, mix, and scratch” the two records of your choosing, just like the record DJs of old.

 This homage to Hip Hop demonstrated Google’s creativity in connecting with its audience, while also showing care and focus for the subject matter being addressed. The amount of detail considered in Google’s short exercise only added to the user experience. Anyone who takes hip hop and DJ’ing seriously, takes part in the culture, or just has knowledge of the culture, could easily have taken offense if the interface was not well thought out. Yet this was nicely done in my opinion, and it was easy enough to use that anyone choosing Google’s search engine that day could have clicked on the animation (the intro to the video and DJ interface) and had a great experience, just as I did.

Below are some screenshots of the experience:

google hiphop 44th Birthday – intro video

google hiphop 44th Birthday – intro video

google hiphop 44th Birthday – tutorial

google hiphop 44th Birthday – record selection on a slider

Intended Results

At the core of good user experience is care for the user. When you care about what the user will take away from an interaction or interface with your product or design, you make it easy and enjoyable for them to partake in that product or design. Its important to make sure that you yourself would enjoy partaking in that particular experience. Focus on the needs of your target audience, and deliver something that is best suited for them first, allowing room for others to also experience the product or design only after your target audience is first taken care of. Good user experience design is about guess who… the user!