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Importance of Type

Most great communications will have this in common WORDS! Printed words are almost always the end result of a designer or typographers type selection. It doesn’t matter if the words are English, Spanish, Nigerian or Russian, printed written words are how signs and publications communicate messages effectively. The letters printed on signs would have no effect if the font-weight, or how thick or bold the strokes of the letters are, were too thin to be read at a distance. Or imagine a serious government agency printing its sign or brochure in a silly font. How about the dreaded comic-sans, which I think is actually not so bad in the proper context, being used for a wedding? Type choice can even change what the word appears to say like in my example at the end of this article*. Can you see how important choosing the right type for the job can be? All other elements can be perfect, but the type delivers the feeling of a design, so it only makes sense to do what the title says, “Begin With Type”.

Here are some examples to help you get a better picture of the overall message:

"Big Al's Harley Davidson Riding Club" in a cute curly font


"Merrie England Coffee Shops" bad font choice, f looks like s


How and Why

What I mean by this is simple, when going through your normal design process of selecting colors, collecting assets, deciding on possible layouts and other compositional elements, make sure that choosing your typeface ranks highly on your list of priorities. Actually, even the font in this website is chosen to be legible, ensuring that you, the reader, has the best possible experience while reading it. Type is a major factor in the success or failure of any printed or on screen media, and has been since the medieval days of calligraphy.

DesignShack.net has a great article called “8 Rules for Creating Effective Typography”. Give it a read.

*And here’s that example LOL.

MEGAFLICKS - looks like it says MEGAFUCKS