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Defining Project Scope & Avoiding Double Work

Essential First Steps

When doing business, the most important step before beginning a project is to come to an agreement between you and your client. This should always be done in writing and confirmed by both parties.  Whether you call it a written quote, proposal, or contract, it should serve as an outline of work to be completed, that must be agreed upon and signed by your client. Making it a binding document that both parties can reference as proof of what the project entailed.
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What is Project Scope?

Project scope is the important aspect of planning a project that includes the initial determination of a detailed list of project goals, aims, applications, outputs, features, roles, tasks, deadlines & essentially costs. In short, it is the predefined list of work that must be completed in order to finalize and successfully deliver a project.

Avoiding Pitfalls, Define Scope

Having a project scope upfront can save a company time, energy, confusion, and frustration in the end. It can also help to protect a business’ profit because money isn’t wasted through the dreaded double work.

A basic outline of what is needed to develop project scope includes:

  • Speak to your customer to define what they expect from the project and what you can confidently deliver 
    Clarity between you and your client is essential!
  • Write a detailed proposal outlining the specifics of your conversation with the client
    If it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist!
  • Set detailed timelines and project budgets with consideration for any wiggle room you may need
    Leaving anything ambiguous is asking for trouble. Clarity, clarity, clarity!
  • Obtain a signature from your client indicating that they have reviewed and agree with the project outline
    The signature is what makes it an official document. If they haven’t signed it they haven’t agreed to it, so you should not begin work.
  • Begin the project
    Everything is agreed upon, now it’s time to deliver.
Defining project scope is essential before beginning any project… and honestly, it’s a requirement of success, so just get used to it.
The following article further explains the importance of project scope management: https://www.simplilearn.com/project-scope-management-importance-rar89-article