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How to Start the Party with Interactive Media

Fun Wedding Photobooth


Photobooth Fun

Have you ever been to an event that had a photobooth? If not, you need to get invited to one, soon. First off, they’re just fun. Having a photobooth is generally entertaining for all guests.

Fun Photobooth Party


Let Me Upgrade You

I recently went to an event that had a photobooth using an interactive surface display, i.e., a tablet or an iPad.
What really upped the ante and made it even more fun is the improvement from just a camera taking the image, and printing out one copy of your group photo, to the new, popular upgrade to an interactive surface display.

Updated Photobooth


What Makes It So Great?

Having a touchscreen is more user friendly for the guests. After taking the pictures, you can also input your email address and have the images emailed to you, while you wait for your pictures to be printed. In addition to having the images sent to your email, you also have the option to share and post on social media, without having to pull out your own phone, or remember after the event to post on social media after the excitement from the event and interactive surface display photobooth has worn off.