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Introducing New Technology to Reluctant Clients

Skeptical Client


Bringing new technology and tools to your clients can help improve their productivity, improve their bottom line by increasing sales potential, and attract a newer, younger audience, which will turn into a continued customer base.
However, getting each client on board can be a real challenge. What can you do to encourage your clients to adopt this new, improved, useful technology?

New Mobile Technology


The Best Fit

Always keep your customers needs in mind. Introducing your client to useful, efficient, well-designed technology is important, the user-friendliness is even more important for your client. Any new technology, or program that you want your clients to utilize and actually be on board with, can’t require a background in web design, or requirement to be born after 1986 to be able to operate and understand.
Even as the expert, be open to your clients feedback. If a large number of them really can’t grasp or adjust to the new technology, maybe there are some tweaks that need to be made.

Explain Why

Let your clients know exactly why the new technology will help them. Clearly explain the improved productivity and increased potential, along with expanded reach to a new younger audience and customer base, or whatever your new technology will help expand upon. Let your customers know what they will be getting out of this improved technology, explain how it will relate to their needs as best as possible. The greatest explanation to a client for accepting and utilizing new technology is that it will make their life better.

Professional Training Client


Teach Them

Keep in mind that your clients’ understanding and interest in newer technology may vary greatly, so take the time to share the new technology with your tech savvy clients and possibly more extensively train the begrudging non-tech savvy clients as well. The tech savvy clients who utilize the new technology quickly and show improvements in their businesses, can also be great examples to those clients dragging their feet to learn and utilize the new technology.

Out With the Old

You do not want to push away your “tech-less” clients, but once you’re sure that the new technology is running smoothly, you’ve taken time to train clients with the new technology, you’ve explained how and why the technology improvements were made and how they’ll help, phase out the older technology.