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Syncing CC Libraries

One of the coolest features in the Adobe Creative Cloud, or CC, is the libraries feature. We can now access our favorite and most useful assets from anywhere by syncing our library, which updates the contents online and allows you to reach and use them, even if you’re not on your own computer.

The Overview

Our CC accounts come with online storage. The days past where we needed to keep a thumb-drive or external hard drive to tote our assets, templates and color themes are no longer. With your online library, you can save and store colors, text styles, fonts, images, brushes, vector shapes, and even native working files for your favorite design apps. Once synced, you can even access your libraries from one mobile design app to another, allowing you to take your creative genius on the road with you. Now you can create anywhere, as soon as the inspiration hits you.

Check out this Adobe tutorial on How to Manage CC Libraries.

Shared Libraries

If you go to adobe.com, sign in, then click on “Creative Cloud Files” under the “Assets” panel, you’ll find Adobe’s online file folder. The files you find in that folder, can be shared privately or publicly, moved and reorganized into sharable folders with the ability to set permissions, and you can upload new files for future access or sharing. This has come in handy for me so many times. I’ve used the libraries to share files between co-workers, to upload documents for signature, and to give viewing access to friends for projects in progress.

Adobe CC - Assets screenshot

The files come fully in tact with uninterrupted functionality, and when I first starting using Adobe programs there were no libraries, so I’ve had the privilege of seeing the evolution. I recommend that all creatives using the Adobe CC give it a try and start getting familiar with libraries because syncing your library is definitely the way to go.

Here’s another helpful link for “What You Can Do With Libraries”