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Use Your Own Photos

With Google Images and stock imagery catalogs such as Thinkstock and Getty Images, many Creative Types rely on other professional and home photographers for images to use in design and layout. The truth is that most of use our mobile devices as cameras almost more than we use them for calls or texting, yet its so easy to just open a browser, search for an image, and place it as needed instead of stepping outside to take our own.

Here’s Adobe’s help link to a basic photography tutorial for beginners: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/tutorials-photography-jumpstart.html

Great Reasons to Snap your Shutter

Today I’d like to encourage you to consider how using your own images could benefit your design and layouts. I think once we look at both sides of the coin, the benefits do outweigh the disadvantages.

  • You don’t have to pay for your own images.
    They cost you nothing. Think about it… when was the last time you charged your self for a photo?
  • There is no worry about copyright infringement.
    These are your images, no one will be coming after you about taking their photos.
  • You can photograph the exact image you need.
    Why get online hoping that the perfect image exists already when you can guarantee it with a few snaps of your shutter.
  • Your pictures may earn you money.
    If you take the perfect photo, you may end up realizing that your photography speaks to peoples tastes, and may actually be offered money or become noticed and recognized in some way. You never know where your craft and vision could take you from that point.
  • Photography is a fun and creative challenge.
    It’s rewarding to realize the feeling of success when you achieve that perfect shot.

You Can Even Use your Phone

If you don’t have access to a professional camera and lens, you can use you iPhone or Android camera just as you always do. There are even mobile phone lens kits available for purchase to enhance your photography options for the photog-on-the-go. Here’s the kit I usually keep in my backpack (Of course I took my own photos here):

Luxsure Photo Lens LU-010 Luxsure Photo Lens LU-010 - 3-in-1 open box Luxsure Photo Lens LU-010 - assembled 3-in-1

More Reasons

If all of the advantages listed above haven’t convinced you, then think of it this way… Practice really does make perfect. The more time you’re able to dedicate to sharpening your “camera eye” and photo composition, the more likely this article will begin to speak to you. Give your self the gift of fun and fulfillment and try using your own perfectly customized photos in your next design. Get out there and capture some memories!